Oil and Gas

Aquasol makes a range of products based on polysaccharides which offer fluid loss performance and in some cases rheology improvements for water based drilling fluids.

A land drilling rig.


Offers fluid loss control up to 250*f in fresh water and sea water drilling mud. It is biologically stable and gives little additional high end rheology but will increase low end rheology and gels.

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Aquabloc HT:

Gives fluid loss control to temperatures greater than 300*f. This product performs in most water based muds and is recommended where temperatures will reach 250*f and above or where salt levels are high. Aquabloc HT will also add a little rheology.

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Aquadril offers fluid loss control up to 275*f in most drilling mud but is made specifically to comply with Microtox regulations in Alberta, Canada.

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Aquabloc AW-25:

Is a liquid fluid loss additive for situations where the mixing of powders is an issue. The product is already in solution and so no hydration time is necessary.

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Aquabloc 330AW:

A very highly cationic starch. Will complex with clay and other reactive particles preventing agglomerations which can lead to problems.

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