Other Industries

Many of the opportunities we work on are outside our core industries…. for now. We develop solutions for the problems we encounter; we group these products under Other Industries. Many of the problems we encounter require us to develop products not commercially available, in the US or anywhere.


Aquajel 216XL:

A very eccoonomical starch based thickening agent which mixed into solution easily without lumping. It can be used for a wide range of products for wallpaper paste to viscosifying detergents and cleaners.

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Aquacare AW-25:

Is used as a concentrated spray starch. The material can be shipped as a concentrated solution and diluted to strength by the retailer or wholesaler. Can also be used as a wallpaper paste and activator when diluted.

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Aquaslick 100:

A water based synthetic lubricant providing friction reduction and increasing laminer flow.

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Aquacare 400R:

A Sodium Polyacrylate thickening agent.

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Aquacare AW:

Is used a 100% active, water soluble powdered starch. It can be used as a spray starch for laundries or as a wallpaper paste and activator.

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